Yang Yang / Young

 The Yang Yang brand is the brainchild of none other than Yang Yang himself, a former World No. 1 Chinese badminton player whom are widely regarded a legendary player in the history of the sport.  The brand is a property of Ruby Glamour Sdn Bhd (RG), a private limited company established on July 11, 1994 in Malaysia in which Yang Yang himself is the co-founder and a director of the company.

Being the first and one of the three badminton players in the world to date to have won two World Badminton Championships men’s singles title consecutively, Yang Yang made him name in the sport with remarkable wins in more than 23 prestigious international championships including All England Open Championships, World Badminton Grand Prix Finals, Badminton World Cup, BWF World Championships. He also won the men’s singles gold medal when badminton was a demonstration sport at the Summer Olympics in 1988. Over the years, not only that he played an instrumental role in making China the world superpower in badminton, but he also coached the Malaysian team to its first Thomas Cup win in 25 years.

Being a talented and passionate sportsman, it was befitting that Yang Yang collaborated with RG in developing the Yang Yang brand which specialises in badminton products and sports equipment. Today, the Yang Yang brand mark was used not only in badminton rackets, but also shoes, clothing and accessories. The brand was recognised worldwide with its extensive product range carried and sold globally in more than 30 countries including Germany, America, Korea, Indonesia, Denmark, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and more.

The Yang Yang brand is committed to offering superior quality products at versatile and affordable prices simply because it is the company’s mission to cultivate worldwide awareness and interest in this sport for developing a healthy lifestyle for both children and adults alike; and to increase competitive opportunities and raise the standards for badminton players locally and internationally.

Legacy continues – The Young Brand

After 24 years since its inception, Yang Yang badminton brand has successfully penetrated into more than 20 countries world wide. The badminton game is becoming more popular and accepted in many countries world wide. While the traditional powerhouse such as Indonesia, China and Malaysia are striving to maintain its leading position, other countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Spain has successfully produced many young talents to take on the international badminton arena. As the game is becoming more popular internationally, Yang Yang has also evolved and a new brand, Young is established. Young is a new brand that carry the logo that was inspired from the symbol of ‘Close to You’ Origami Crane(千纸鹤) , which comes from the traditional Japanese culture. With the tag line of ‘ Endless Possibilities’, This carries the meaning of ‘inspiring hope for the betterment of future’.  Young represents a Dream, Hope, Wish for one to be in a better position in whatever aspects one wish to attain. Either you are a youth badminton enthusiasts, who strive to improve your game to become a dream player, or a old veteran players who just want to maintain a good health, Young brand is there to inspire you to continue enjoying your journey of success and treasure live.